Sr. Pastor Darrell G Vaughn

                                                                      Faithfulness – A Key Step to Happiness

Dec 23 2012:                                                        “DUI!”

Sun AM Worship      I know who I am and I know who God say I am and what God says I can do.                     

Text 2 Kings 9:15-24 (King James Version)  

  “Father, I am your servant, willing and desiring to be used to bless your people.”

                                           The Fields are white and the laborers are few!
C.H. Spurgeon said, “If God does not save a man by truth he certainly will not save them by lies, and if

the old gospel is not competent to work a revival, then we will do without the revival;”


A small boy was writing a letter to God about the Christmas presents he badly wanted. “I’ve been good for six months now,” he wrote. But after a moment’s reflection he crossed out “six months” and wrote “three.” After a pause that was crossed out and he put “two weeks.” There was another pause and that was crossed out too. He got up from the table and went over to the little crib scene that had the figures of Mary and Joseph. He picked up the figure of Mary and went back to his writing and started again: “Dear God, if ever you want to see your mother again…I WILL have that Bicycle!”


I thought it would be a good idea for us to take a “Christmas Quiz” this morning to see how well we know the facts about the first Christmas.

1. When Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem, how did they get there?

a. They walked

b. Joseph walked; Mary rode a donkey

c. They took a chariot

d. We don’t really know

The correct answer is “D.” The Bible gives no record of their means of travel.

2. How many angels spoke to the shepherds?

a. A multitude

b. Two ­ Gabriel and Michael

c. One

d. Not sure

The right response is “C.” Luke 2:10: “The angel said to them…”

3. What song did the angels sing?

a. “O Little Town of Bethlehem”

b. “Joy to the World”

c. “Glory to God in the Highest”

d. None of the above

This is a trick question. The correct choice is “D.” According to Luke 2:13, they were: “…praising God and saying…” There’s no mention of them singing anything.

4. What animals were present at Jesus’ birth?

a. Cows, sheep and camels

b. Horses, sheep and donkeys

c. Lions and tigers and bears

d. None of the above

There is no mention in the Bible about any animals being present. The answer is “D.”

5. In what books of the Bible can you find the Christmas story?

a. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

b. Matthew and Luke

c. Mark and Matthew

d. Matthew, Mark and Luke

The right choice is “B” -- Matthew and Luke. These two gospels give us insight into the birth of Jesus and provide much of what we know about the first Christmas. Let me read from Luke 2:4-7. While the Gospel of Mark picks up the life of Jesus when He is a grown man, the Gospel of John actually begins much earlier than even the accounts of Matthew and Luke. John tells us what Jesus did before He ended up in the manger as He takes us back to the beginning, to show us that He had no beginning. John’s report goes behind creation to show that the baby in the feeding trough was the Creator of the world.


Christmas is truly a very special time of the year. Everybody is busy buying and wrapping there gifts but most men do not understand the point of putting paper on a gift just so somebody else can tear it off.

No one ever has to ask which gifts I wrapped… For some reason, I can never COMPLETELY wrap them. I can take a gift the size of a deck of cards and put it the exact center of a section of wrapping paper the size of a regulation volleyball court, but when I am done folding and taping, you can still see a sector of the gift peeking out. (Sometimes I camouflage this sector with a marking pen or scotch tape, or another piece of wrapping paper that looks completely out of place.)

On the other hand, if you give my wife a 12-inch square of wrapping paper, she can wrap a C-130 cargo plane.


If you’re giving a hard-to-wrap gift, skip the wrapping paper! Just put it inside a bag and stick one of those little adhesive bows on it. This creates a festive visual effect that is sure to delight the lucky recipient on Christmas morning:
                                            Let me explain
YOUR WIFE: Honey, Why is there a Hefty trash bag under the tree? YOU: It’s a gift! See? It has a bow! YOUR WIFE (peering into the trash bag): It’s a leaf blower.

YOU: Gas-powered! Five horsepower! YOUR WIFE: Thanks a lot!
YOU: Well Actually, I’m God’s gift to you. YOUR WIFE: I don’t think God does gag gifts!


Gentlemen, The most important thing during this very special time of year is that you save the receipt.

Man may not know much about wrapping, but God is in the giving business.

• God gave Adam and Eve a piece of skin from an innocent animal to replace the fig leaves and cover their shame of nakedness.
• God gave Noah a plan for the ark that would provide for the saving of his household when judgment came.
• God gave Sarah a precious miracle child in her old age, and she named him Isaac.
• God gave the Israelites possession of the land flowing with milk and honey.
• God gave prophets to plead with His people and tell them of amazing things to come.
• God gave the Scriptures to prophesy of a Messiah who would come to deliver and save.
• God gave the shepherds a pronouncement by the angels that Jesus was born.
• God gave the Wise Men a star to lead them to the young Child with their gifts.
• God gave the world the Prince of Peace.
• God gave Jesus the place of sinners on the cross to bear the sorrow and shame, and Jesus gave his life for sinners. God offers to give all men the pardon for their sins that they might know the joy of everlasting life.

Surely God is a great Giver.

John tells us that “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

James states, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights.” (James 1:17)

Jesus told the woman at the well, “If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.” (John 4:10)

Paul states, “He that spared not his own Son…shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” (Rom. 8:32)

Paul said to the Ephesians, “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.” (Eph. 2:8)

I say with Paul, “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.” (2 Corinthians 9:15)


                             Lets all Stand for The Reading of the Word

2Ki 9:15  But king Joram was returned to be healed in Jezreel of the wounds which the Syrians had given him, when he fought with Hazael king of Syria.) And Jehu said, If it be your minds, then let none go forth nor escape out of the city to go to tell it in Jezreel.

2Ki 9:16  So Jehu rode in a chariot, and went to Jezreel; for Joram lay there. And Ahaziah king of Judah was come down to see Joram.

2Ki 9:17  And there stood a watchman on the tower in Jezreel, and he spied the company of Jehu as he came, and said, I see a company. And Joram said, Take an horseman, and send to meet them, and let him say, Is it peace?

2Ki 9:18  So there went one on horseback to meet him, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it peace? And Jehu said, What hast thou to do with peace? turn thee behind me. And the watchman told, saying, The messenger came to them, but he cometh not again.

2Ki 9:19  Then he sent out a second on horseback, which came to them, and said, Thus saith the king, Is it peace? And Jehu answered, What hast thou to do with peace? turn thee behind me.

2Ki 9:20  And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for he driveth furiously.

2Ki 9:21  And Joram said, Make ready. And his chariot was made ready. And Joram king of Israel and Ahaziah king of Judah went out, each in his chariot, and they went out against Jehu, and met him in the portion of Naboth the Jezreelite.

2Ki 9:22  And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the whoredoms of thy mother Jezebel and her witchcrafts are so many?

2Ki 9:23  And Joram turned his hands, and fled, and said to Ahaziah, There is treachery, O Ahaziah.

2Ki 9:24  And Jehu drew a bow with his full strength, and smote Jehoram between his arms, and the arrow went out at his heart, and he sunk down in his chariot.


Let’s pray. Father,  Open my eyes so I can see Your truth.  

Open my ears so I can hear Your voice. Open my mind so I can understand Your Word.
And open my heart so I may receive all that You want me to receive. AMEN


2 Kings 9:20 And the watchman told, saying, He came even unto them, and cometh not again: and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi; for (he driveth furiously).

The word furiously = Mad, heated, To make warm, To show madness. To heat oneself.

There is a world that is furious, there is a demonic intensity that is in the earth today that generations prior to this have not faced.
There is an in your face demonic defiance that is raising up against, parents, children, churches, and Ministry like never before.

Nahum 2:1 He that dasheth in pieces is come up before thy face: keep the munition, watch the way, make thy loins strong, fortify thy power mightily.

There has been a slogan among our youth for sometime.

“No Fear” Then in an effort to prove it’s validity our young people have literally invented new ways of living on the edge.
The enemy has sought through this to destroy many lives, it was his effort to push young people into destructive behavior.

But what the devil didn’t know was that this was preparatory to a move of God, and to an attitude and an anointing that was going to empower our youth.

David was a no fear, in your face youth.
He was a young man, a lad, a boy, who loved God, and hated the devil.

You don’t have to be 40 yrs old, to love God and be used by God

David was in your face with faith.
The only way to face fear is with faith.
Fear is not just a feeling, fear is a spirit, and the only way to overcome the spirit of fear is by the spirit of Faith.

Faith with a slingshot is more powerful than fear with a cannon.

We are at a point in history where there is no hiding what you are, there is no gray area anymore, you are either a Christian or you are a sinner.

for God or against Him.
Letting your light shine, or you are hiding it under a bushel
You are either salt that savors, or you are savorless salt.
You are either advancing the cause of Christ or you are hindering it.

There was something special about David:
(He was anointed and he knew it.)
Saul had been anointed, but he wasn’t walking in the anointing, He had become self reliant.

David was freshly anointed and he was walking in total reliance on that anointing.

This kind of a person, lives aggressively, They do things other more mature seasoned comfort seeking, don’t rock the boat folks won’t do.

Like track down a lion and a bear, then attack him bare handed,

This is the anointing that God is pouring out on his people.

It’s the kind of anointing that gets in their music and causes devils to stress out, and come out.

It’s the kind of anointing that launches them into circumstances and confrontations that look impossible.

It’s the kind of anointing that gives them a voice that many saints may mistake as arrogance.

Listen to David as he speaks to elder Saul
It’s not disrespect, it’s just aggressive faith.

1 Samuel 17:32 And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.

The terrorist mentality says “ I will give it all for my cause”. (Their cause is wrong, but they are true to it).

God is raising up a Holy Ghost terrorist anointing like David had (Is there not a cause?).

Not just sign your petition kind of cause, but a whatever it cost, carry the cross, hold nothing back, give it all kind of cause.

When goliath rose up to meet David, that Holy Ghost terrorist anointing rose up in David

the scripture says
1Sa 17:48
when the Philistine arose, and came and drew nigh to meet David, that David hasted, and
ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.

My text says Jehu drove furiously.
Jehu was driving under the influence of the anointing

I believe we need to make the point that furiously doesn’t necessarily mean recklessly.
Our first inclination is to put them into the same category,

David was a young man with a Jehus anointing, he was furious toward the enemies of God.

Paul was a man with a Jehu’s anointing.
1 Corinthians 9:24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

Elijah was a man with a Jehu’s anointing.
He was driven, he was passionate, he was furious, He was anointed,

We need men like Samuel today who can hear the voice of God, and will pour our anointing upon this next generation,
They’re anxious and they’re waiting for us to give them our training, and lay our hands upon them, and pour our anointing upon them, and to point them and to release them into their destiny.

David was a humble, obedient, disciplined, servant of his father,.
This is what prepared him for the anointing.

Let me close with this: Jehu was driving furiously because he had a job to do, he was a man with mission, he was driven by purpose (he was anointed by God to cut off the house of Ahab).

People: Young or Old, God has a plan for your life, and he wants to take your youth and hook it up to his purpose, and EMPOWER YOU WITH HIS ANOINTING to drive furiously against the devil.

And you too will be known as one driving under the influence, (of the Holy Ghost anointing)


There is a legend about an ancient village in Spain. The villagers learned that the king would pay a visit. In a thousand years, a king had never come to that village. Excitement grew. "We must throw a big celebration!" The villagers all agreed. But, it was a poor village, and there weren’t many resources. Someone came up with a classic idea. Since many of the villagers made their own wines, the idea was for everyone in the village bring a large cup of their choice wine to the town square. They said, “We’ll pour it into a large vat and offer it to the king for his pleasure! When the king draws wine to drink, it will be the very best he’s ever tasted!”

The day before the king’s arrival, hundreds of people lined up to make their offering to the honored guest. They climbed a small stairway, and poured their gift through a small opening at the top. Finally, the vat was full! The King arrived, was escorted to the square, given a silver cup and was told to draw some wine, which represented the best the villagers had.

He placed the cup under the spigot, turned the handle, and then drank the wine, but it was nothing more than water. You see, every villager reasoned, "I’ll withhold my best wine and substitute water. What with so many cups of wine in the vat, the king will never know the difference!" The problem was, everyone thought the same thing, and the king was greatly dishonored.