Sr. Pastor Darrell G Vaughn
                                                          Faithfulness - A Key Step to Happiness
Jan 8, 2012                "2012 Prophecy, A Word from the Lord of Hosts.!"

The world as you know is about to change - stay humble. 2012 will be a time of prosperity for many of my children (Save money and get out of debt), wars and rumors of wars, famines.
I hear and have heard the cries of my people, out with the old and in with the new and the people will have peace. Not continuous anxiety, as powers shift in the natural and the supernatural.
As agendas are fulfilled and reversed.
A time of relative peace and calm but do not be deceived, This peace will not last. Security will not last as things shake around the world. Reversals and upheavals.
My child, you are my child, insulated from much but not all as the world spins, time marches forth, destiny awaits. Life as you know it will change. I will restore what you lost. Use it wisely.
Tithe, for my kingdom must go forth. I will tell you when and where to put my money. Many will need help. I am with you my child. It matters not what they say.
Hold your head up and walk in my ways and you will receive my exceedingly great reward. Faint not and don't grow weary for the kingdom of God is at hand and you will feel my effects all over the world as mountains tremble and the seas roar for the birth pangs have begun and many will faint out of fear of what comes upon the earth .
The very ground beneath your feet that you have counted as stable will shake and many will cry out to the Lord for the rocks to fall on them, as there is no place to hide from my fury.
The time is not yet. There will be a season of the proverbial calm before the storm and people will get comfortable and lulled back to sleep. Do not sleep my child.
Use this time of grace well and prepare your hearts and minds with my word and in my spirit.
Learn to hear the voice of the one who calls you by name - listen for the warnings of danger, obey my voice, prepare as you are instructed to prepare, for the kingdom of God is at hand.
Love and allow yourself to be loved by me. Do not fight me and my plans for you, I know what is best. My plans prevail. To much is given, much is required. My mercy is endless as the sea.
Position yourself to receive it, grow and prosper in knowledge of your heavenly Father for night is falling and the winter is cold. As it was with Jeremiah, so shall it be with you.
You will speak the themes Jeremiah spoke. You will deal with the same fears, doubts and persecution from the people you address,
for the kingdom of God is at hand and the love of many has waxed cold and the mixture has tainted my word and the hearts and minds of many and led my children astray.
You have been called to speak my words to nations and kings. You will not know the extent to which your words will reach the hearts and minds of the people,
so speak as you are instructed and watch nations move, one person at a time. Night is falling and the day well spent. Go in peace my child for my hand is upon you to speak to nations and to kings.
Speak my child speak - continue in the ways I have taught you. I have led you to be bold and strong for my kingdom cause.
This will be the year of the supernatural. A year of supernatural provisions, protections and the manifestations of the miraculous, For I am with you.
It will be a year of abundance and overflow use it wisely and multiply it for mine eye is watching.